Work on the Temple Gate scheme started on 26 June 2017 and is due to finish by Autumn 2018. The associated construction work will result in changes to how pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles travel through the area.

This page will list the most up-to-date information about any restrictions or changes to the highway, cycle paths and pedestrian routes.

We would also encourage you to use Travelwest ( and for up-to-date information about routes through the area.

Current works

Initial site investigations have now been completed. Drainage works are ongoing on Victoria Street and we are in the process of constructing the Temple Way traffic island. The Friary is being cleared and BT is working to divert services on Cattle Market Road. We have also constructed a temporary road so that traffic can flow around the two inner lanes of the Temple Circus roundabout. We will soon be starting work on the Bath Bridge junction.

Current and upcoming restrictions and changes to access

  • From 25 September for three weeks, there will be a lane closure on the southern inside section of the Bath Bridge roundabout (shown in pink below):Bath Bridge lane closure diagram
  • From 16 October for 4 weeks, there will be lane closures around the Bath Road traffic island (shown in pink below):The restrictions have been planned to keep disruption to a minimum, but you may need to allow some extra time for your journey while these works are underway. Once complete, the Bath Bridge work will help create better pedestrian and cycle routes through the area.
  • Closure of Temple Street for 6 weeks from 25 September. Access to the 100 Temple Street car park will be via Canynge Street, and pedestrian and step-free access to the council office building will be maintained as usual. The parking bays on Victoria Street remain suspended.
  • Closure of Cattle Market Road from 11 September for six weeks. This is so that a BT chamber can be rebuilt and the existing traffic islands reconfigured. Pedestrian and cycle access to Cattle Market Road will be maintained and cars will still be able to access Bristol Wood Recycling Project. The pedestrian crossing from Cattle Market Road to Clarence Road has been suspended. This is due to the BT works, which has had to deal with the discovery of unexpected underground services. The suspension will be in place until BT’s works are complete.
  • Closure of The Friary from 28 August, from its junction with the roundabout to the turning into the Temple Quay car park. This closure will be in place for five months, and will allow deep drainage works to be carried out and district heating infrastructure to be installed. Access to the Temple Quay car park shall be maintained via Temple Back East. Please note that there will be no impact to the existing access to the Temple Meads Station car park, which is via the Temple Meads approach ramp, and exit from the same will be maintained via the Friary.Friary closures
  • Pedestrian diversions around the Brunel Mile, with some crossing facilities relocated. These are signposted on site.
  • Lane narrowing on Temple Way and Victoria Street narrowed to one lane when approaching and exiting the gyratory;
  • No vehicular access to the land between the Grosvenor Hotel and George & Railway buildings;
  • Closure of the south side of the Temple Circus roundabout to simplify traffic movements during the works. Traffic from the north will no longer be able to turn right into Victoria St from Temple Way and traffic exiting from the Friary will no longer be able to turn right onto Temple Way or straight on to Victoria Street:Temple Gate Roundabout closures
  • Changes to lane restrictions on the roundabout (as far as possible 2 lanes of traffic will continue to run during peak hours).

Traffic diversion routes will be clearly signposted in both directions for the duration of the works. Some of the key pedestrian and highway versions can be viewed as PDF diagrams (2MB).

Cycle restrictions
Due to the reduced road space available during the works, all cycle lanes through the area have been closed. In order to ensure cyclist safety, signs have been erected warning drivers not to overtake cyclists through the works.

Contact details
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