We recognise that that there is significant interest in the development at a local, citywide and regional level. We also recognise that there are active local communities, businesses and organisations that have already been involved in the early stages of developing ideas and concepts and who have an ongoing interest in planning the future of Bristol Temple Quarter and St Philip’s Marsh

Temple Quarter and St Philip’s Marsh – how you can shape the future

  • From summer 2021 there will be:
  • Public engagement on an emerging Bristol Temple Quarter and St Philip’s Marsh Development Framework, including engagement on the draft plans for Temple Meads station and the area surrounding it, and the higher level frameworks for Temple Gate, Mead Street and St Philip’s Marsh areas.
  • Ongoing opportunities for conversations and workshops with local community organisations and local residents to ensure community voices are heard in the development of plans at St Philip’s Marsh, Mead Street and Temple Gate.
  • For the areas around Bristol Temple Meads station, the council and its partners will engage with local businesses, transport organisations and city stakeholders in Summer 2021 followed by wider public consultation on designs in late 2021 or early 2022.
  • Engagement  with businesses in Mead Street, Temple Gate and St Philip’s Marsh by the city council’s Economic Development team to get a better understanding of their future plans and any support they might need. Read our questions and answers for St Philip’s Marsh businesses.

Updates will be posted on here so check this page regularly.