Since launching back in 2004, The Bristol Magazine has gone on to reach a circulation of 24,000 affluent households and businesses in the region. Now, 10 years to the month that the first edition of the magazine was released, the company has finally moved from its original Bath offices to sparkling new premises in Bristol & Exeter House. We chatted with Steve Miklos to find out more about the firm and their plans for the future.

What is the business?
Over the years we have developed a very engaging magazine which offers a good balance of really well written editorial, nice information delivery, and a print run and distribution that reaches a large but well identified audience.

How long have you been going?
As a business; MC Publishing Limited was established in 2002. The first edition of The Bristol Magazine was June 2004. Just notched up our 10th year.

Why did you decide to set this business up?
We launched The Bristol Magazine as a natural complement to our existing magazine in Bath. At the time there were a few other titles which tried to accommodate Bristol and Bath as one. The cities have two very different reader profiles – and are big enough to sustain their own title. Bristol should have its own city magazine.

The Bristol Magazine is essentially a free title so we rely on advertisers choosing us for their promotions. However most would agree that looking at the quality of our editorial content and the overall style of the magazine, it’s just as good, if not better than many ‘paid for’ publications.

Any quirky/interesting facts about it, interesting people or projects you’ve worked with/on?
We have had lots of strange, (sometimes surreal) moments – our editor interviewing Hasselhoff for his panto role still, bizarrely, tops all… but to balance, there’s a constant flow of interesting stories and quite brilliant people that we have featured or written about. The most recent favourite was from our May issue where we featured local illustrator, Gareth Wood whose hand drawn map of Bristol is wondrous…but also, in the same issue we interviewed Will Gregory. It’s a nice surprise when really cool people agree to our interview requests.

How many people are there in your business?
We have a big line up of writers and contributors, and a small army of delivery people, but behind the scenes we are a team of just 11; good and capable magazine people.

Why have you chosen to relocate to Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone?
We have been desperate to establish a Bristol office for sometime. Sadly, the gloom of the economy clouded over our first attempt in 2008, but having survived some very tough years, it now feels right to have The Bristol Magazine… in Bristol…properly.

I particularly like the office at Bristol and Exeter house, it feels like a new beginning for us, and with that, there’s a pioneering spirit that resounds around the neighbourhood. It’s going to be our place in Bristol and The Bristol Magazine should become an all-better product for it.

What do you want to see happening in Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone?
Media city in Salford, is a good example of how to an industry sector can be prised away from London, becoming self sufficient and highly attractive as it creates a new local economy.

Hopefully the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone will similarly continue its regeneration plans, and in doing so, will bring many new, interesting companies and their workforces into the area. It’s a very attractive, creative environment – we like being part of it.

Also I’m a little smitten with Harts Bakery – Just so good..

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