Creative and media agency boomsatsuma, which is based at Engine Shed, has welcomed the first students to its media production course.

boomsatsuma‘s space at Engine Shed is kitted out with the kinds of facilities that you’d expect to see in any digital agency across the city. Their media production course offers young people entry level pathways into creative and high tech industries, and students will be working towards an extended diploma whilst working in a creative agency serving the needs of stakeholders and industry partners.

Former boomsatsuma student Charlie Williams said:

“I didn’t think that someone with an accent like mine coming from Withywood could ever get to work in television. It was boomsatsuma that made me realise that the barriers aren’t always where we imagine them to be. The space at Engine Shed is just amazing and I can’t wait to see what comes out of there. I wouldn’t have achieved what I have without the creative force that is boomsatsuma.”

Charlie is now in London, working in post production for shows such as Grand Designs, The Voice, Tattoo Fixers and Geordie Shore.

Nick Sturge, Director of Engine Shed, commented:

“To be able to host an innovative skills programme for young people, who can then fuel the growth of the creative industry, completely fits with our mission. Engine Shed’s role is to help raise the aspirations of young people in the area and connect them with pathways to quality employment and by hosting boomsatsuma, we hope we can amplify the great work they are doing in this area.”

boomsatsuma students at work in Engine Shed

The students at work at Engine Shed

Mark Curtis, Creative Director and co-founder of boomsatsuma, added:

“We are driven by the need to extend opportunities for young people in Bristol, one size fits all has never been appropriate in education, this is a working environment that gives our learners the respect and responsibility of working in the real world to achieve their goals.”

For more information about boomsatsuma, visit their website or follow them on Twitter.