A new breakfast event with a difference is launching this month. Joseph and Elizabeth Pritchard of Zetetic Pioneering Strategies have recently moved to Bristol from Cornwall. They specialise in ‘business strategy with a personal edge’ and are launching a new monthly Temple Quarter Breakfast on Wednesday 22nd May at the City Cafe, Temple Way at 7.30am.

Elizabeth says ‘’This event won’t answer all your questions, but we feel it will get you starting to think differently.  The first subject is ‘How do you decide?’ Think about it…

Effective decision-making has a lot to do with understanding the different parts of us that make up a decision. Given a choice, why do we prefer one path over another? And if one big decision can involve millions, how do we know that we’re going to get it right? Everyone makes decisions differently. Once you know how you make decisions, it gets a lot easier to make your own decisions with confidence.

Joseph will introduce the topic briefly, followed by breakfast and discussion. It is an inquiry not a sales event: an interesting conversation before the main business of the day.

There’s nothing to join, no commitment to make. You just pay the hotel for your own breakfast (£13.95/buffet).

Breakfasts will be on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

You do need to book a table, so please contact Elizabeth if you are interested in coming – 07796 048755.

Find out more at here www.www.zeteticmind.com