The Temple Gate project is part of an £11m scheme of infrastructure improvements in and around the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone. It will be one of the first steps towards giving the area around Temple Meads station a radical facelift, creating more pleasant public spaces and a simpler road layout.

What does the scheme involve?
The main component of the works is the replacement of the Temple Circus roundabout with a simplified, signal-controlled junction. This will be accompanied by improvements to cycle and pedestrian routes, upgraded bus stops and bus lanes and new crossings. These improvements will stretch all the way down to the Bath Bridge junction.

How will that improve the area?
Thousands of people travel through the junction every day, on foot, bike, public transport and by car. The current layout is challenging for all of them, and creates a bad first impression for travellers arriving at Temple Meads station.

A short video illustrating people’s perceptions of the current situation at Temple Gate

The new layout will make the onward journey from Temple Meads, especially towards the city centre, much easier to navigate. For pedestrians, the route will be more direct, with less road crossings. Cyclists will also have more direct routes, segregated wherever space allows. The creation of bus priority lanes will mean improved bus journey times and reliability, and stops will be organised in a more logical manner.

What about the cars?
The current vehicle capacity of the junction is maintained in the new layout. However, we hope that the significant improvements made for other modes of travel will mean an increasing number of people will choose to travel sustainably.

How does this feed into the Enterprise Zone’s goals of creating jobs and attracting investment?
Boosting access to the area and improving the public spaces will make the zone a more attractive place to invest in and to work from. However, the scheme has a further advantage: it will free up land for new buildings. This will mean new employment space and new jobs attracted.

When will these new buildings be built?
The new developments are outside the scope of this project. However, we will post updates on this website as and when they come forwards.

When are the highway works due to happen?
The main highway works are due to start around mid-May, finishing in Spring 2018. As far as possible, work will be scheduled to avoid overlap with other city centre schemes. We will also avoid lane closures during peak hours.

How can I find out more?
Full details of the scheme, including a plan, are available at The contractor for the scheme will notify local residents and businesses about any anticipated disruptions to the road network, and we recommend using Travelwest’s Travel Updates service to help plan your journeys.