See No Evil is an art project of international standard based on Nelson Street in Bristol City centre. It brings together a selection of the world’s best street artists to create a huge outdoor gallery.

The artists reinvent the street each using local buildings as their canvas. Artists so far have included graffiti pioneers Tats Cru from Brooklyn, New York and El Mac from L.A, as well as Bristol legend Nick Walker.

The See No Evil arts project represented hundreds of elements and styles of the street art world descending on one busy city centre. The building owners each give permission for the painting to take place including; a restaurant, youth centre, office blocks, student living accommodation, police station and a bridge/overpass.

Heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture that exploded in late 1970’s early 1980’s across America, street art comprises of hip-hop music, B-boy dance and graffiti art. Inkie, the event’s art curator is a self established street artist himself, inspired by this culture; he has now managed to bring some of the finest street art practitioners to the streets of Bristol.

After the buildings have been painted and the final pieces finished, the event climaxes with a New York style Block Party that brings together all the aspects of the street art scene, welcoming the public to share their work.

The See No Evil project is also accompanied by a three-day music event, taking over the disused Westgate Building situated on Nelson Street. The building, designed by Giles Gilbert Scott plays host to three nights of live music ranging from the popular modern sounds of the Young Echo Collective and Eats Everything to the old skool DnB of DJ Krust.

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