Temple Island

Proposals for Temple Island are for a mixed-use scheme that could bring new homes, offices and commercial space to the area, as well as a new hotel and conference facility. In the north of the site, new student accommodation linked to the University of Bristol’s new Enterprise Campus is proposed. Our ambition is to bring this derelict brownfield land back to life and create a vibrant place to spend time in the day and evening.

Enabling works

As part of these plans, Bristol City Council is preparing to submit a planning application to enable the future development of the Temple Island site. The planning application, which is expected to be submitted in early November, will seek consent for engineering works that will prepare the Temple Island site for future development.

The planning application will provide full details of the proposed works, however in summary they will comprise of:

  • Site remediation: groundwater remediation to reduce the risk of contaminative sources associated with the groundwater beneath Temple Island migrating and impacting the adjacent River Avon.
  • Structural fill: raising the site levels using imported structural fill material. This is to address existing variations in the levels on the site and will raise the existing site levels up to reflect that of the existing Brock’s Bridge and St. Philip’s Bridge.
  • Utilities works: the installation of utilities and drainage within a primary corridor that connects to Brock’s Bridge and extends to the southern part of Temple Island. The corridor will include the following utilities: electricity, water, communications, telecommunications, district heating along with surface water and foul drainage. Spurs from each utility will be provided at regular intervals to allow future connections.

Once submitted, relevant statutory consultees and neighbouring occupiers will be notified of the planning application and invited to make formal comment. We will also update this page with a link to the council’s Planning Portal to enable those who wish to comment on the application.

These works are intended to enable the site for future development. That future development will be subject to a separate planning application and public consultation in due course.