St Philip’s Marsh

Our vision for St Philip’s Marsh is less detailed, with development likely over a longer period of time. As the project progresses, we will carry out master planning and community engagement as we plan for the future of this area.

The area is a major opportunity to transform a significant part of Bristol to create a series of sustainable, mixed-use neighbourhoods that are integrated with their surrounding communities.

Our ambition is to deliver a range of new homes, including affordable housing, along with the community infrastructure that supports wellbeing and meets the future needs of a growing city.

The area is currently characterised by industrial land and major infrastructure and is occupied by a range of businesses. Our vision is to create new employment and business spaces that increase and diversify the jobs in the area, while supporting existing businesses and employers.

There are major opportunities here to create a low-carbon, climate adapted place to live, work and spend time. Our vision is to put active travel, green infrastructure, and biodiversity at the heart of St Philip’s Marsh. High-quality public spaces would make getting around by foot or by bike easy and safe, while public green spaces would support community health, wellbeing and access to nature.

The River Avon, Feeder Canal and Sparke Evans Park could all be improved, boosting biodiversity.

There are three development sites progressing more quickly in St Philip’s Marsh:

Temple Island

Proposals for Temple Island are for a mixed-use scheme of around 500 new homes, student flats linked to the University of Bristol’s new campus, office space, a 350-room hotel and conference facility, as well as bars, cafés and retail contributing to the creation of a vibrant place throughout the day and evening.

Silverthorne Lane

Planning permission has been granted for a mixed-use development at Silverthorne Lane, including a new, much-needed secondary school.

University of Bristol Enterprise Campus

The University of Bristol’s plans at Temple Quarter are a key driver of regeneration in the area. You can find out more about their plans online.