In partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), with support from Regus (Temple Quay), Bristol City Council are organising the next Bristol Meet the Buyer event.

Buyers frequently find it time consuming to sort through the myriad of local suppliers, whilst smaller businesses can find it diffcult to make effective approaches to larger companies. This event on November 20th aims to streamline the process for both sides – shortening supply chains, saving money and improving products/services for the buyers, whilst boosting the small business sector and delivering a positive economic impact to the Bristol region.

Each participating buyer will be invited to send along a buyer/procurement officer for a series of short (15 minute) one to one meetings with various sellers they have pre-selected – buyers will only see businesses they have chosen as having goods or services they need. There is a pre-filtering process, which means that buyers will only see suppliers relevant to their requirements.

To find out more or apply, contact Jason Thorne on and follow the newly established Twitter account @MTB_Bristol for updates