The Local Enterprise Partnership for the West of England draws together local authorities and the private sector to help create jobs and deliver economic growth.

We take a straightforward four-stage approach to that challenge. First, by identifying suitable space for employment, ensuring it is has proper infrastructure, providing a well skilled workforce and bringing marketing and inward investment activity together to promote the place to the very best effect.

The Board of the LEP has designated 2013 as the year for delivery and we have obtained significant Government funding to allow us to kick start investment sites and support SMEs.

The Enterprise Zone is a key component in that work. We are very much looking forward to seeing more enabling infrastructure work, the opening of the growth hub in Brunel’s engine shed, work on the Post Office Building, the further development of Network Rail’s exciting plans for the station and the outcome of the architectural competition to design the new arena.

This is not only about the creation of new jobs but it also about vastly improving the view that people see as they arrive in Bristol and soon the area will be literally transformed into a gateway to a modern European City of which we can all be proud.

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