Work on a new bridge to link Temple Island with Albert Road in St Philip’s Marsh started in August 2017 and was completed in May 2019.

The footbridge will be an additional route to and through Temple Island once it is developed and in future will provide access to the site for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge has been specially designed to accommodate the height difference between the two riverbanks: its eastern end is forked, providing both a stepped access and a ramp leading to the main body of the bridge.

The River Avon Path has also been upgraded as part of the works with new integrated lighting to make the route safer and more attractive route after dark, while reducing light spill into the surrounding areas.

Temple Island is still undergoing redevelopment and is not safe to enter so the bridge will remain closed at the far end until the site is accessible. You can still cross the new bridge from St Philip’s Marsh and admire the views along the River Avon but you will not be able to access Temple Island itself.