We See Fireworks is the latest BTQ Commissions project. Devised and created by In Between Time 13’s director Helen Cole -We See Fireworks is a light and sound installation formed from hundreds of voices gently unfurling in the darkness.

The piece is an archive of living audience memories where funny, haunting, vivid stories of incredible performances gathered from around the globe remind the audience what lies at the heart of every theatrical experience.

Helen Cole said: “We See Fireworks, which was developed at the University of Bristol and now tours festivals and events around the world, is not only an intense audiovisual experience for audiences but, an on-going piece of research:  it collects fragments of audience experience as it tours the world, and feeds these into the next incarnation of the installation ensuring hundreds of voices are heard as the work continues to evolve”.

Audiences are asked for memories of a moment that has changed their life or stuck with them in some way.  This ‘firework memory’ could be a traditional memory, like a moment on stage at the theatre or it could be a dramatic or memorable moment from their own lives.  The best of these are recorded and edited into the installation.

The piece will run at the Brunel’s Old Station, by Bristol Temple Meads Station, from Monday 11 February to Sunday 17 Feb, 11 am – 6.30 pm. Free entry, visitors can drop in.