Engine Shed has launched a review of its first chapter and a provocation for its next, in a momentous week for Engine Shed, the University of Bristol and the city.

In a week that has seen Engine Shed’s third anniversary, the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council jointly announced the £300m development of an additional campus in the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.

In the first phase of this significant investment is Engine Shed 2, the second phase of the highly successful Engine Shed project. Also this week, Skanska, the developer behind the development of a number of Bristol schools and other flagship projects, will launch a public consultation on their plans for Engine Shed 2.

Engine Shed houses the world-leading SETsquared business incubator, the Local Enterprise Partnership, Invest Bristol & Bath and a number of other ‘components’, with the mission of stimulating long term, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Nick Sturge, Director and co-founder of Engine Shed, commented:

“We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved and learned to with Engine Shed since we wrote the business plan in January 2013, and so incredibly grateful for the support and goodwill we have received. There is so much more to do to help create an thriving economy in the West of England that taps into the rich diversity we are so lucky to have – diversity which is at the heart of the innovative, can-do attitude that this region is rightly becoming known for.”

Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Bristol, Professor Hugh Brady said:

“In its first three years, Engine Shed has played a major role in helping Bristol and the entrepreneurial businesses located there, to be recognised nationally and internationally as one of the leading cities in Europe in which to build and grow technology-based businesses. I am delighted that the University, working with Bristol City Council, the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership and many other supporters, has been able to achieve so much in such a short time. The University of Bristol is fortunate to be located in one of Europe’s most creative, dynamic and liveable cities with which we enjoy a close and synergistic relationship and we are fully committed to playing a central role in ensuring its continuing success”.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol said:

“Engine Shed, in the heart of the Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, has been hugely successful in supporting new entrepreneurial businesses and delivering economic value to the city while also being committed to delivering social value within enterprise development. It brings a different approach to economic expansion developing new business methods and the courage to innovate. All this with a commitment to an inclusive economic growth that creates opportunity for people from all Bristol communities. I look forward to Engine Shed 2 making an even bigger impact on our city region, bringing together people with a passion to support our entrepreneurs of the future.”