How long have you been going?

Sun & Moon Studios Limited was founded in 2008 by Dylan Shipley and Louis Jones, as a full service animation and video game/app development studio, helping to entertain, educate & engage all audiences. Officially we have been running for 7 years.

Why did you decide to set this business up?

Dylan and Louis met studying animation in University and then both spent a number of years working as freelance animators in Bristol, Dylan was also a school teacher for about four years. After being in the industry for a while we decided to join forces and have a go at approaching companies as a pair of freelancers. This worked well and after a while we needed to find other people to help us with the work, and so Sun & Moon formed as a company. We have continued to grow organically from there.

Any quirky/interesting facts about it, interesting people or projects you’ve worked with/on?

We have a combination of great stories but we can’t give all our secrets away. A few are, Louis one of the co founders of Sun & Moon voices the ’bleet’ of Timmy in the popular children’s animated TV series Timmy Time and is also the voice of Diavlo in the online game Moshi Monsters. Our Production Manager Lindsay had an exciting start in her career working in feature films on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Pirates in the Adventure with Scientists and during this time was fortunate to meet Hugh Grant, Bill Bailey and Brian Blessed, all very glam.

Sun & Moon also made the first 3D game for Eyegaze device which allows children to play a video game simply with their eye movements. We feel very proud of this accomplishment and hope that this game gives a lot of children hours of learning and fun.

In February 2015 Sun & Moon received the prestigious accolade of ‘Future Leader’ from Creative England after being judged as one of the top ten creative companies in England.

How many people are there in your business?

In house we comprise of 8 full time staff that consists of highly skilled professionals ready to produce exceptional content. We can comfortably crew up to 16 in-house when need be and have some fabulous freelancers that work with us, on and off site, allowing us to tackle any job.

Why have you chosen Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone?

The Paintworks in the Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone is a really great location for us. Here we have a lot of creative companies together in one place who inspire each other and it’s great to be among one of them. We have collaborated with a number of other companies on the site and there is a friendly atmosphere. The BocaBar is also a great place for client meetings!

What do you want to see happening in Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone?

We would like to see the Temple Quarter Enterprise zone become even more well known across the a hub for creativity and innovation, we have so many great companies here already with space for many more. This in turn, we hope would draw more clients to the area and in Bristol in general.

Contact details

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