What is the business and sector focus?

We operate in the Government, National Security, Intelligence and Defence sectors, specialising in highly technical systems and software in the areas of enterprise information management, data analytics and visualisation, mobile and inherently secure systems.

How long have you been going?

Purple was started in 2006.

Why did you decide to set this business up?

We were frustrated with seeing government systems being produced late and with poor quality. Our view was that by combining bright technical staff with modern tech and relevant processes, we could change the way in which government agencies buy their systems.

Any quirky or interesting facts about the business, people you’ve worked with or projects you’ve worked on?

We have worked with 26 different customers and delivered 206 projects. Roughly speaking, we have written and analysed 238,600 requirements and produced 423,200 lines of software code. 740,000 cups of tea have been drunk from Purple mugs (many of which reside at customers sites) and 5460 chocolate Freddos have been eaten by our staff and friendly clients (it’s our favourite snack by far).

How many people are there in your business?

Purple have 55 permanent staff, 13 associates, 3 advisors, 2 interns and a Purple monkey but we are still growing fast. We only take on the brightest and most talented people around, and offer them challenging projects and opportunities to develop their career; this is a very important part of our culture.

Why did you choose to relocate to Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone?

The main reasons are access to Temple Meads station, a wider labour pool and more scope for expanding beyond our current premises. The ability to engage with other tech businesses in the Bristol Temple Quarter is also very helpful.

What do you want to see happening in Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone?

It looks like many other tech businesses are beginning to recognise the value of Bristol’s Enterprise Zone. I hope that this tech community flourishes further, probably using the Engine Shed as a catalyst. I also hope that transport links continue to improve.

Contact details

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Tel: +44 (0)1174 032 200

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