This year’s Budget has announced plans for funding of ultra-fast broadband and wi-fi under plans for Bristol.

Chancellor George Osborne named Bristol as one of ten UK cities he wanted to have “the fastest digital speeds in the world”.

He said “Today our plans will deliver some of the fastest speeds – with 90 per cent of the population having access to superfast broadband, and improved mobile phone coverage for rural areas and along key roads across the UK.”

Other cities were also listed to receive the funding; Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and London.

Bristol-based Aardman Animations also received a mention from the Chancellor, as he announced his plan to keep the production of British television within the UK.

In addition, Professor Eric Thomas, the vice-chancellor of the University of Bristol, welcomed a £100 million boost to university facilities. He described the investment as “extremely good news for students, universities and business”.

He said: “The links between universities and business are already strong but this will kick-start new research projects, encourage innovation and bind universities and industry even closer together”.

“Universities play a vital role in developing the UK’s economy and this is just the kind of confidence-boosting project that our economy needs at this time.”

It is hoped the £100 million from the Government will be at least doubled by private investment.